Met in university, today we work as a team. Our main goal is to contribute to the process of global development, propose solutions for modern and future requests through the architecture by working on competitions, speculative projects, installations, and educational events.


  • 2018, 19 - Global Entrepreneurship week Minsk (leading
    architect and designer of the exhibition);

  • 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 - Minsk Design Week;

  • 2017 - Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven;

  • 2014, 2017 - International Festival of Architecture     «Zodchestvo», Moscow;

  • 2017 - Architecture Festival «Leonardo», Minsk;



  • Public lectures “Stalin, an architect”; “Bauhaus. Origins”,
    September 2014, February 2015, Minsk, Belarus;

  • Summer architectural school, Org., Tutor, July 2016, Krevo, Belarus;

  • Construction workshop «Community Center»,
    Tutor, November 2016, Borisov, Belarus;

  • Construction workshop «Installator», Org., Tutor, 
    April 2017, Minsk, Belarus;

  • Construction workshop «Ideal Skyscraper»,  Org., Tutor, June - July 2017, Minsk, Belarus;

  • «SESAM» - International architectural school workshop «Platformix», Tutor, May 2018 Chereya, Belarus;


  • Hackathon; competition of social projects «Social Weekend» (project «Ideal skyscraper»)  November, December 2016, Minsk,
    First prize;

  • International competition of student projects           «Zodchestvo» - September 2017, Moscow,
    Honourable mention;

  • International architecture conference «Leonardo 2017»  September 2017, Minsk,

  • UNDP prize in the nomination «Green urban planning»;

  • National youth prize «Rada awards»  December 2017, Minsk,
    First prize in the nomination «Project in art»;

  • Haiti rural school competition,  September 2019,

  • Official appreciation from Brazil Ambassador 2017 for the “Ideal Skyscraper” pavilion;

  • Garage Screen competition; Honourable mention; june 2021