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AUTHORS: Katliarskaya Anastasiya,Katliarski Ilya;
MENTORSHIP: George Zaborski, 
PROJECT LOCATION: The Shalbatana valley; Mars;

Each layer provides better and higher radiation protection, a pressure of the atmosphere, temperature, and amount of oxygen.  In case of failure of any element - the city does not die, but continues to work, gradually repairing the malfunctions, without threatening the lives of the Martians. The gorge is covered with a multilayered dome. It is a supporting structure made of carbon nanotubes and Mars basalt, ice panels, and panels with Martian soil. Outside, «cockroaches» (low-tech drones from Martian soil) walk along on the dome, they cover the translucent parts of the structure during solar flares, scan the dome and clean it from the Martian dust. The dome is supported by skyscrapers, which, outside the structure, are a storehouse of spare cockroaches and are used as stopping points for the external local electromagnetic transport system. Skyscrapers are connected to each other and to ground level by cables from basalt and carbon. Cables are a structural and transport element. Skyscrapers go underground to the water-bearing layer to extract water and other minerals. Part of the water is split to produce the oxygen needed by humans and hydrogen. Hydrogen is needed as fuel, as well as for the creation of polyethylene. Life in the colony begins with the construction of the first skyscraper, and further, the city continues to grow along the riverbed. The slopes of the gorge become terraced with agricultural land with useful city functions in the steps.
The forest with a river in the center provides public space, gives additional oxygen and humidity. In the lower layer, a human walks barefoot and swim in the river, in the second layer under the primary dome he walks wearing a light protective suit. Ice cushions in the dome consist of ice rods, which function is to reflect, it provides an opportunity for people to see the real sky and enjoy the Martian blue sunsets. Thus, the Martian colony is not a safety capsule on Mars, but a diverse, comfortable, sustainable developing flexible city.