AUTHORS/TUTORS: Katliarskaya Anastasiya, 
Katliarski Ilya;

ENGINEER: Viacheslau Hadzakou;
PROJECT LOCATION: Zibickaya str., Minsk, Belarus;

Nowadays people are spending a lot of time on their looks and public perception. As a result, self-development and self-discovery became no longer the first priority. We even don't notice, how we lose ourselves in the rapidly developing world. Therefore the search for our personality, meditation, and reflection is necessary to a modern human.

The main purpose of our pavilion on "Minsk Design Week 2019" is being a background and a frame for emotions, to force a person to feel a meditative experience, to stop time and a world around. Looking almost integrated from the outside, the installation consists of a number of inner worlds.

The pavilion is a path through 14 cells, sized for 1 human at once. The atmosphere inside cells is changing along the way, and each cell is a complete self-environment for stoping the moment. A way is an adventure as a human receives an intense amount of inner-explorations. To reach this level of reflection, we use the existing sacral element, which people stoped to notice - a sky. While a person is isolated from the world, he can only look up to the sky through the hole in the ceiling very high above resembling the idea of something unreachable about what we can only dream and imagine. Together with a sound, its echo from far above, color, and texture of used canvas, the visitor is encouraged to experience a feeling of coming back to himself, his true desires, and longings. The way resembles the development of modern human, as it starts with unreal abstract sounds and continues through acquainted sounds from nature, then through artificial sounds which we do not notice like subway and eventually finishes with poems and design lectures, releasing you ready for a world, but with a new experience.

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