Architectural icon of Szczecin.

Philharmonic Hall Szczecin

Architect: Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Year: 2014

We came to Szczecin (try to pronounce) just to look at the exact building, philharmonic hall by Barozzi/Veiga studio. We were lucky enough that it is working now and we bought tickets for a musical performance to experience the atmosphere. I'm getting convinced more and more that photos of architecture have very little to represent reality. The reality is concealed in physical experience only.

There is no usual main entrance, but when you enter through an ordinary door you suddenly find yourself in a dazzling foyer with a ceiling height of 4 floors. It seems that this foyer is the main thing, while the concert hall is secondary.

Snow-white spaces with very beautiful people around and white aesthetics educate and encourage thinking about beauty and sublime. The tiles on the floor make you move slowly, so as not to create unnecessary noise and not distract people from their thoughts. White creates a beautiful backdrop, giving artificial light a central role. Along with the sensation of the stage, you feel like you don't have an audience as the interior is hidden from street onlookers. All this turns into a small performance for ourselves.

Entering the concert hall, you feel a warmth contrasting with the previous sensations. Despite the gold leaf covering all the walls, you do not feel the fear of luxury. These little gold squares play with light, thousands of reflections make the room lighted, which is very unusual for concert halls. Suddenly you see people's reactions and how the whole room works to help the musician.

The concert begins and you merge with the music in a copper atmosphere. I have never experienced music so real.

The most interesting moment was the silence and how you feel it in this at first glance pompous place. Musicians just stopped playing and were waiting for a few moments, everybody was waiting passionately and quietly. It felt like a part of the performance, as silence is also a musician tool.