W A T E R  L I G H T  C H A P E L


AUTHORS: Katliarski Anastasiya, Katliarski Ilya;


It is born out of the desire of a local community, that got over the hard times in the near past. It is meant to be a place of worship, silence, and prayer. The idea is to symbolize the integration between two local nationalities. At First, people feel more significance and responsibility to things that they did by their hands, thus the idea is that people, who visit the chapel would build it, moreover, they would do it continuously. There would not be an end in this process.
Water, as an essential element of life, becomes a symbol of the peaceful and collective experience in the project. Two channels integrate water into one Flow and then it goes to the landscape, which symbolizes the integration of two nationalities showing that now they go as one to the future.

The east/west orientation of the chapel and the location, close to the equator, let us make a long hole in the ceiling letting the sun go straight above the whole space of the chapel. 


The elevation in the middle lets the rainwater to flow through two channels. These channels meet at the point near the surface, at this point the water from two channels is integrated into one flow. Water could be used for chapel proposes.

акс верт.jpg

People, who are visiting a chapel would take a piece of clay from their homeland and put it on the external surface of the walls. After a long time, maybe years, the chapel exterior will become full of clay and it will continue to widen, letting the chapel change slowly and making additional significant meaning. Even more, the chapel will consist of clay from all around the lands of its visitors. Having been built by hand, space becomes infused with human beings’ energy, thus forming a permanent connection between the fingerprint of divinity - the light - and the fingerprints of man- gently submerged in clay.