S E S A M  « E X  N I H I L O » 2018

TUTORS: Katliarskaya Anastasiya, Katliarski Ilya, Khadziakov Viachaslau;
construction Workshop «PLATFORMX» 

WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS:  Artem Klimza, Veronika Yezepchik, Maxim Kvartalny, Artem Podgol, Polina Glavatskikh, Diego Ibáñez Lahoz
PROJECT LOCATION: Belarus, Chereya village;

As city dwellers, we not always have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty. When we are able to do it we are limited by some borders. Examples of these borders can be water lines and coastline. 

We can try to imagine how dramatically a range of our feelings and perceptions could be expended when we will use the water surface. 

Workshop "PLATFORMIX" has to find the solution to the issue.


What can be better than a picnic by the lake? We will say - a picnic on the lake. 

Under our supervision participants made a research of the rural area where locals used to get into the water to swim during the summer; and which is a part of the island where once a year a festival of classical music is held. Students designed a concept for a shore and constructed a swimming platform as its extension. After that, professional carpenters built the shore according to the proposal. Eventually, locals received a fascinating shore complex with a well-designed beach and an integrated swimming platform. The project result, surprisingly for an architectural school workshop, is still in use.

разрез плот2.jpg